Who are we? and why us?

     iStore is a small business college startup in Q2 2010. It began in Chico, Ca. Officially conducting business on April 1st, 2013. A 23 year old Chico native began in a garage with $100 repairing and replacing iPhone screens for people on craigslist then it was just a matter of weeks there was too much traffic so we settled at 1900 Mangrove Ave. The founder decided to specialize and expertise only in Apple products so we can focus on repairing not only screens but everything from water damage to classes and free information apple likes to say the " Genius Bar"

Why us?

*Specialized in Repairing Apple products.


*FREE Diagnostics

 - no hidden fees for inspecting your device.

-  cheapest prices / price match 

*Premium Replacement Parts

  - We pay the extra dollar for premium quality parts that have retina display and thicker glass as well.


*Fastest repair times

 - iPhone screen repairs take 30 mins w/ appt!

- or the wait time is about 1 hour to repair!


Why choose Chico iStore over pop up stores?

  • 6 Years in business we have repaired over 6,400 iPhones/iPads.

  • We expertise only in repairing Apple Products, our prices are the same price for the better quality screen. It has the thicker glass and same retina display that the iPhone came with not a " after market cheap $20-40 screen. Very important to understand the difference in the quality grades of screens. We rarely see anyone come back within 30 days due to any reason. 


  • Mon - Fri : 10am-6pm

  • Sat :  TEXT (emergencies)

  • Sun : TEXT (emergencies)


      You can ALWAYS TEXT:

          ( 530 ) 774-6662 

       for a quick response.



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